• Get your video on MyLayout

    Get your video on MyLayout

    If you would like to be featured in the MyLayout segment, here's all you need to do. You shoot the raw video footage and we do the rest!

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  • What is TrainMasters TV?

    What is TrainMasters TV?

    If you're new here and you're trying to figure out what TrainMasters TV is all about, then this brief 60 second video should give you an idea ...

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  • The good ol' Bluebox kit

    The good ol' Bluebox kit

    Even though Athearn no longer makes the Bluebox kit, you can find a ton of these kits at swap meets and hobby shows, and many modelers have an unbuilt stash of these kits. What can you do with them?

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  • The birth of TrainMasters TV

    The birth of TrainMasters TV

    Read the story of how two model railroaders - one with a network TV production background and one with a computer publishing background came together to form TrainMasters TV.

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TrainMaster's Shows

TrainMasters TV uses a TV-show format to present an act each week, building toward a complete 4-act show by month-end.  Each act contains many segments ranging from one minute to 15 minutes.  TrainMasters' viewers can choose to watch individual acts or the entire show. TrainMasters also has a growing archive library of how-to videos on a broad selection of model railroad topics.

Watch the April Show   Watch past shows

Hosts Clark Kooning and Lionel Strang welcome guest clinicians into their shop to share expert tips and techniques for creating more realistic models..

We bring in the leading DCC experts for you in "DCC Decoded".  They'll share their favourite secrets, review new products, and give  tips on how to get the most from DCC.

Diesel expert Ken Goslett and his pointer-friend "Victor" reveal the finer details of locomotives in "Ken's Roundhouse".

Who doesn't want to show off their work?  MyLayout features viewer-submitted content presented by host Jim Wright. The contributing modelers take us on a tour around their layouts.

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Our Fans Say

Rob S:

I wanna play!  I'd open up my layout for video of an op session or other layout construction/ops content.

Toni R:

This looks SWEET!  I like the fact that it will feature the outstanding artists that make up this hobby alongside their artwork and give us a little more in depth look at what their work means to them.

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